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Carol had early involvement with “making people’s dreams come true” when she worked for a dating service while attending college.  This was prior to the current online trend and utilized a science driven formula to make perfect matches.  And in fact, often resulted in some beautiful marriages.  Today she is happy to continue dream fulfillment by customizing and providing beautiful experiences for our couples.
Carol has also had a career in legal publishing and was a VP of partnerships and programs for the Arizona Small Business Association.  In addition, she has been part of the small business tradition, when she served as business manager for her husband’s dental practice.
She is pleased to have been ordained as a Chaplain in Spiritual Humanism and is delighted to participate in vow renewals and wedding ceremonies.  As an avid hiker, she fully appreciates the amazing locations and destinations provided by Mother Nature.


Mark, born and raised in Southern England has from a young age had a deep connection to the natural world that surrounded him. The Neolithic landscape of his native county of Wiltshire inspired Mark to explore various forms of artistic expression and in doing so he discovered his passion for photography. This was in his early teens, when film was the norm and darkroom processing played an important role in his education of the image. Having been an active photographer throughout the evolution of camera technology he now embraces the world of digital photography and processing to create visually stunning images for our couples on their special day.
Not only a gifted artist, Mark is also a Master in the healing art of Reiki which, along with his meditation practice has increased his connection and understanding of the world around him. After many years as an ordained Spiritual Humanist minister he regularly performs wedding ceremonies within the ancient monument of Stonehenge in England.
As co-owner of Monumental Arizona Weddings and Events, Mark is blessed to be able to use his passion and varied skill set to help facilitate our couple’s unique wedding day experience.

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Stuart, an Arizona native, is a Havasupai Tribal member raised in the breathtakingly beautiful village of Supai deep in the Grand Canyon. He is a published poet and always happy to share the unique stories and ancient traditions of the Havasupai People.  As an ordained officiant, Stuart blends his indigenous culture with the more traditional vows to create a customized blessing specific to the couple he is working with.
Stuart has the special distinction of graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ with an Associates Degree in French Cuisine.  He also has experience working at Binkley’s Restaurant in Phoenix, which is noted for its creative and unique menu with a designated 5-Star Rating As a result, he is able to bring culinary invention and delectable treats for discerning wedding couples.
He is honored to work with Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events and is delighted to share his tradition and culture with our couples.
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Cindy, growing up in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, Cindy has always had an appreciation for the natural beauty in her environment.  Gifted with her first camera at thirteen, Cindy found her passion in preserving memories and has been capturing images ever since.  You’ll see her scrambling to the highest location, positioned on an overhang or perched on someone’s shoulders to get that perfect shot.

In addition to her stellar professional photography skills, Cindy teaches business administration and accounting at the local community college.  Cindy loves to travel, discovering the world and meeting new people.  She enjoys hiking, diving, camping, off road adventures, crafts, and spending time with family and friends

Remember to smile for the camera when you see her!

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Debra has always had a passion for three things:  helping people in transition, creating unforgettable events and detailing the beauty of life through a camera lens.  Interestingly, all these qualities led her on the path to the concept and creation of Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events.
From a very young age she grew up under the tutelage of her father, a famed photographer for the Chicago Sun Times.  It was here that she acquired her skill and finesse in capturing perfect photo opportunities. This ability combined with her love of the outdoor natural world gave birth to Dreamcatcher Wedding Photography.
In addition, she spent her early career in Event Planning and Catering Coordination.  She was successful in overseeing everything from very large high-profile events to smaller more intimate venues.  As a result, Debra can keep a cool head and address the myriad of details for our couples’ special day.
Years ago, Debra felt a calling to be ordained as a Chaplain, so she could be at the bedside of sick and dying patients.  With a natural love and ability in this area, she has worked with many people as they transitioned from this world.  She also had a desire to work with people in other precious moments and today is happily ministering to hundreds of couples as they commit to one another in the most magnificent surroundings.

Towe rButte Officiant

Jennie has been living in rural Southern Utah since 1992 and practicing yoga for 28 years. She enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping in the sacred landscape of the Southern US.

In 2013, she received her Reiki attunement and training in Sedona, AZ. She completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Instructors program in 2017. Jennie has taught yoga and meditation in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. She also enjoys teaching yoga to the students at the school near her home. Jennie currently teaches yoga in Big Water, Utah and works as a river guide on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon.

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